Representing District 3, Locally and Nationally

Providence Journal:

Live fearlessly (December 2016)

When I was inaugurated in January of 2016, it was clear that I didn't fit the typical mold of a politician. However, sometimes you have to be unconventional in order to stand against  the outdated and corrupt political norms. It takes a certain amount of tenacity to take on the establishment and win. 

The Atlantic:

From Waitress to State Representative (November 2016)

One of the reasons I ran for office was because I didn't see anyone up there like m neighbors and me. I didn't see anyone that had to choose between paying rent or electricity, who didn't know where their next meal was coming from. I believe our government should be representative of our demographics which is why people of every economic class should have a seat at the table.  

RI Future:

End the war on cannabis (January 2017)

The war on drugs disproportionately impacts neighborhoods of color and low socioeconomic status like ours. Rather than usher in a new wave of prohibition and mass incarceration, we should bring low-income and marginalized groups into the fold by legalizing marijuana, pushing for expungement laws, and ensuring that the communities most effected by the war on drugs are not left out. 


9 RI influencers to watch (February 2017)

I try to maintain good working relationships with state and local Journalists. I believe politicians at all levels of government should be held accountable to the communities who elected them. As such, 990WBOB was kind enough to include me in their 9 influences to watch list. 

The Guardian:

Drinking at the State House (March 2017)

I come from a family of working class people and I've never seen any job where alcohol was provided. As a tax payer walking into the state house and seeing people drink for every occasion from St. Patrick's Day to St. Joseph's Day seemed to be a waste of time. I believe we should hold ourselves to the same standards as the citizens we represent and shouldn't be drinking in celebration before we've accomplished anything.